There is a ghost in my home town 
It used to chase us around the school yard 
The figure looked just like a girl 
The older kids would call her Julia 

One autumn afternoon 
A day as dark as than any other 
As I peered out of the window 
I saw Julia taking cover 

And i thought 
What if she has no home 
What if she’s all alone 

As I walked home after school 
A group of kids gathered in a circle 
As I got close enough to see what was going on 
They turned around and chased me home
They threw their sticks and threw their stones 

I don’t wanna be alone 
I just wanna stay home 

Oh Julia, what has happened to this town 
There's nowhere left to turn and I can’t make a sound 
Without someone hearing, makes me want to scream and shout 
But all your really looking for is someone to hang around 

I found her crouched behind a willow 
A faded photo in her hand 
She just stared down and whispered 
These days its hard to find a friend 

Then she said 
I don’t wanna be alone 
I just wanna go home